Dreams Serviced Accommodation is a Division of Dreams Unlimited. It was established to meet the ever-evolving needs of both the business and leisure traveller. We provide excellent serviced accommodation that has you, the traveller in mind. We work hard to exceed the expectation of our clients and aim to continue to grow the number of our apartments through attention to detail and excellence of service. Most visitors coming to London prefer luxury, spacious and convenient living over having to put up with generic living space offered by most hotels. At Dreams Serviced Accommodation, we stop at nothing to make ensure that whether you are in London on a business trip or to explore the famous attraction sights such as Big Ben, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, or for a few days of quietness with friends or family, we can exceed your accommodation needs to make your stay a memorable one.


Shweta & Rajesh


Shweta and I met when we were teens and we have been on a crazy ride, living a life of adventure ever since!

I am a Marine Engineer by professional background and a musician by soul. In the early days, we used to be alternating between the high seas and heavy metal on the road for a good few years. Then we moved into a bit more stability as we grew our family and I took up managing a fleet of ships for an Oil Major based in London.


We then went on a personal development journey and discovered whole new aspects of who we are that we just never knew existed before.

Shweta is the possibility of Love, Freedom and Bold leadership and a stand for people being free to be and free to act.

I am the possibility of Love, Creation and Adventure and a stand for people living their dream life and doing that NOW.


We started our Entrepreneur journey and went a bit crazy, starting up 4 new businesses in 3 years, the most interesting of them was owning and running a community Pub for 3 years! Some businesses worked very well and some others didn’t… the bottom line was we learnt and grew a lot!


As we went through this adventure, we discovered our love for people and for humanity. We were moved by the power of creation, the power of community and what can be achieved in the world when people are connected and contribute to each other without judgment, concerns or barriers. 

Dreams Unlimited

we played around with our property investments for some time,  experimented with concepts, learnt the ropes through our failures and our successes, and then used our experience from the multitude of industries we have experience in, to create systems that are simple, effective and just worked. 

And the next obvious step was to share it with others. 


Dreams Unlimited was conceived in 2015 and born in 2017.  The objective was to make dreams and freedom available to people through investing in Properties. 

We now provide Property Investment consultations,

Source, structure and package property deals for newcomers to the property investment journey and for people who do not have the time to spend on digging out the golden opportunities out there,

Manage Serviced Accommodation and HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation),

Property portfolio optimisations and also

Project Management for new developments, extensions and renovations. 

Our Values: Create, Connect and Contribute. 

We create solutions that fulfil your dream.

Enabling a world that works for everyone. 

Our Vision: A world that works for everyone. 

Our Mission:  Provide freedom to our clients through providing safe, secure and innovative solutions for all their property needs. 

Through our work with Dreams, we get to connect and be moved by the miracles produced when people are inspired by what's possible! 

Thank you for considering doing business with us!

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Dreams Unlimited

20-22 Wenlock Road


N1 7GU




Company registration: 11787244


All Rights Reserved.


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